150 Smoothie Recipes

If you’re new to smoothie making and you’re hoping these healthy and delicious drinks could help you lose a few pounds, this kindle book is a great addition to your library. Even as a savvy smoothie maker myself, I’m finding fresh new ideas and recipes I want to try in this collection.
These smoothies are easy to make and a convenient way to eat healthy, low calorie meals that will help you drop those extra pounds.

The book is structured to give you:

  • 10 Energizing Breakfast Smoothie Recipes
  • 10 Super-Healthy Green Smoothies
  • 10 Invigorating Anti-Aging Smoothies
  • 10 Alkalizing Smoothies to Balance Your Body
  • 10 Energizing Smoothies to Keep You Going All Day

That’s a lot of variety and there are 100 more so you can pick and choose your smoothies with purpose. You’ll also find quite a bit of additional information on how the ingredients and foods used to make these smoothies can help you improve your health and your wellbeing.

Don’t skip breakfast and set yourself up for overeating at lunch time. Research shows that people who skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, end up eating more and consuming more calories overall than those who eat a healthy breakfast.

When time is short and you want the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, look no further than a delicious breakfast smoothie. When it comes to packing your lunch, it doesn’t get much easier than mixing up a green smoothie. Think of it as a drinkable salad that tastes great.

I bought this Kindle copy to lose weight. Instead of buying a food supplement that replaces a meal, I thought this recipe book would be better. It has been a couple of days and I already lost 5 pounds. The book is more than a recipe book. For example the introduction educates the reader how you can cure many ailments with a fruit and vegetable smoothie. I had no idea that these drinks could help with anti-aging, diabetes control, healthy skin, satisfy as a meal replacement and help out with weigh loss. I didn’t even know what a smoothie was, until I read this book. They go into when the best time to have one of these drinks would be – breakfast. My favorite drinks were the pumpkin and strawberry banana smoothies. Instead of using milk, I can substitute almond milk or bananas. The other thing about the book is that it has a good and bad section on the drinks you are making. I’ll enjoy this for some time to come. – Christian Anderson

Work your way through this book of 150 smoothies and find your own favorites. Your body and your scale will thank you.

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