Best Smoothie Blender Reviews

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Top Blender Qualities to Look For

With 100’s of smoothie blender brands, models, and styles available, I can understand feeling completely lost and frustrated.

Everyone understands that the wrong purchase can cost you time, money and even your health, which you’re trying to improve with smoothies after all!

Before you spend your hard-earned paycheck on a blender, be sure you are getting the best value for your money… you might be surprised! Smoothie blenders are definitely not all created equal!

Categories of Blenders

Here’s what we did to make the hard work of choosing a blender a thing of the past:

1) We have assigned the blenders into categories based on their purpose. Personal, Family or Professional Use.

2) Next, we identified the best-selling, highest rated blenders in each category based on Amazon customer feedback.

3) Finally, we reviewed and compared the best-selling blenders in each category. Our reviews you can access directly through the links below,  and our Comparison Chart lets you immediately see pros and cons of the best-selling models and how the top candidates in each category stack up against each other.

Although our blender reviews are based on everything we could find online, we recommend buying on Amazon because you won’t get scammed and their prices are the best we have found.

How to Choose

The best blender machine doesn’t always mean expensive, though there are many great models on the higher-end if you are looking to splurge.

A good smoothie blender is one that offers good value for the price, a powerful motor and one that won’t stop running after a few months. After spending many hours reviewing professional blenders, personal blenders, bullets and many others, rest assured that the ones we recommend give you the best blend for your buck.

Life Span

A good warranty should be included with the blender that you purchase. The typical warranty is 90 days, though some blenders offer two-year or more warranties. Ensure that you register your product with the manufacturer to be eligible for the warranty should it be needed.

Aside from a warranty, you should expect anywhere from one to 5 years with your blender. Yes, I know, they just don’t make them like they used to. Of course this amount of time depends on caring and cleaning for the blender properly.

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