Superfood Smoothies Cookbook

Julie Morris is an expert when it comes to cooking with super foods. She’s an LA-based natural foods chef and a big fan and advocate for healthy eating. In this book she’s crated an amazing collection of 100 smoothies that incorporate all our favourite super foods.

SuperFoods & Super Smoothies

The focus on this book of smoothies is on superfoods. Keep that in mind before you buy. If you have no interest in spending some time hunting down special ingredients like cocoa nips, hemp seeds, and acai powder, this probably isn’t for you.

If on the other hand you realize the huge impact these super foods can have on your health and your well-being and you don’t mind ordering online, then this is the book to get. You’ll have fun exploring the 100 smoothie recipes and will quickly find new favorites.

I amazed at this book of awesome recipes. Not only are the smoothie recipes REALLY TASTY, but they are so creative and very thoughtfully concocted to maximize health, flavor, and texture. My favorites that I’ve tried so far are: cranberry orange (using frozen whole cranberries and OJ), acai pumpkin (yum! creative use for canned pumpkin puree), and cacao cream. There are so many more I can’t wait to try!

I first started trying to turn around my health about a year ago by making green smoothies in my blender, mixing frozen blueberries, banana, chia seeds, kale and almond milk every morning for breakfast. I have since upgraded to a vitamix, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to blend my daily smoothie! This book is helping me expand my smoothie repetoire so I can never, ever be bored with my smoothie! – Mary

In addition to providing you with tested and approved recipes of smoothies that work out well and are good for you, you also get a lot of information from the basics of smoothie makings to info on the various super foods and their impact on your health. All in all this is a great book to have in your kitchen. Browse through it for healthy eating inspiration and come back to the delicious recipes in the Superfood Smoothie Cookbook again and again.

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365 Days of Smoothie Recipes

If you’re a big fan of smoothies who’s not afraid to try something new, this is a must buy kindle book. Just imagine the fun you’ll have trying a new smoothie recipe every single day for an entire year.

365 Days of Smoothie Recipes

The variety of recipes in this collection is impressive. There are low calorie smoothies that help you reach your weight loss goals. There are nutrient-dense smoothies that improve your energy and help restore your immune system after an illness.

Every single recipe is packed full of nutrient-dense, vitamin rich foods that are good for you.

There are even smoothie recipes in here that are impressive enough to use when you’re entertaining. My favourite way to use this collection though is to find recipes for ingredients I have on hand when I need a little extra inspiration. You know what I’m talking about. You find yourself with some fresh berries and greens on hand that need to be used up, but you don’t want to mess things up and end up with a smoothie concoction that doesn’t quite work.

Using the kindle search function, you can quickly and easily find recipes for the things you have sitting in your fridge and pantry. So far each recipe from this collection has been a big hit.

Work your way through the recipes and never get bored with your smoothies, or have a theme for each week or month, there are 365 smoothie recipes!  Plus there are recipes in here for any taste, dietary restrictions, and nutritional needs. In other words, you’ll find recipes in here for everyone in your family.

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Simple Green Smoothies Recipes Book

Once you’ve experimented with smoothies for a while, you might find you’re ready to branch out and be more adventurous. Simple Green Smoothies has over 100 tasty recipes to help you lose weight, gain energy, and feel great in your body.

It’s not enough to just make smoothies part of your diet. You can be just as unhealthy with them if you’re not also watching your carbs and sugar intakes.

I love that Simple Green Smoothies approach is a lifestyle change of one green smoothie a day. They even offer  a 10-day green smoothie kick-start  guide in the book with shopping lists included!

On reviewer said:

Recently got a Vitamix Blender with the intention of making a green smoothie everyday to clean up my diet a bit (have being doing well for over a month). Looked at a bunch of green smoothie books and saw pretty much the same recipes in most of them. What set the Simple Green Smoothies recipes book apart from the rest was its layout and basic smoothie 3-column formulas but, mostly the personal stories of the two authors. Found those pretty motivational. – Zunderzee

You can pick up this book in most bookstores, but be sure to check out the other reviews on Amazon before you buy. They had me convinced! …

150 Smoothie Recipes

If you’re new to smoothie making and you’re hoping these healthy and delicious drinks could help you lose a few pounds, this kindle book is a great addition to your library. Even as a savvy smoothie maker myself, I’m finding fresh new ideas and recipes I want to try in this collection.
These smoothies are easy to make and a convenient way to eat healthy, low calorie meals that will help you drop those extra pounds.

The book is structured to give you:

  • 10 Energizing Breakfast Smoothie Recipes
  • 10 Super-Healthy Green Smoothies
  • 10 Invigorating Anti-Aging Smoothies
  • 10 Alkalizing Smoothies to Balance Your Body
  • 10 Energizing Smoothies to Keep You Going All Day

That’s a lot of variety and there are 100 more so you can pick and choose your smoothies with purpose. You’ll also find quite a bit of additional information on how the ingredients and foods used to make these smoothies can help you improve your health and your wellbeing.

Don’t skip breakfast and set yourself up for overeating at lunch time. Research shows that people who skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, end up eating more and consuming more calories overall than those who eat a healthy breakfast.

When time is short and you want the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, look no further than a delicious breakfast smoothie. When it comes to packing your lunch, it doesn’t get much easier than mixing up a green smoothie. Think of it as a drinkable salad that tastes great.

I bought this Kindle copy to lose weight. Instead of buying a food supplement that replaces a meal, I thought this recipe book would be better. It has been a couple of days and I already lost 5 pounds. The book is more than a recipe book. For example the introduction educates the reader how you can cure many ailments with a fruit and vegetable smoothie. I had no idea that these drinks could help with anti-aging, diabetes control, healthy skin, satisfy as a meal replacement and help out with weigh loss. I didn’t even know what a smoothie was, until I read this book. They go into when the best time to have one of these drinks would be – breakfast. My favorite drinks were the pumpkin and strawberry banana smoothies. Instead of using milk, I can substitute almond milk or bananas. The other thing about the book is that it has a good and bad section on the drinks you are making. I’ll enjoy this for some time to come. – Christian Anderson

Work your way through this book of 150 smoothies and find your own favorites. Your body and your scale will thank you.

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