Mix And Match – How To Create Smoothies You’ll Love To Drink

Smoothies can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet. But every once in a while you mix up a smoothie, or come across a recipe that just doesn’t cut it for you. That’s ok. Not everyone is a big fan of kale in their green smoothies for example. Maybe you’re not a fan of green smoothies in general. Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s the bitter flavor of kale. Totally fine. Green smoothies that rely mainly on greens and other low-sugar veggies are an acquired taste.

How to Create Smoothies You'll Love to Drink via CrazyAboutSmoothies.com

Maybe you’re not a big fan of bananas, or peaches, or milk products. The beautiful thing about smoothies is that there’s a smoothie out there for everyone, no matter what your taste or your dietary restrictions. All it takes is a little trial and error and I guarantee you’ll find some smoothie recipes and combinations that you’ll love.

The Key to Recipe Creation

The key is to mix and match your favorite foods and those that you know you should be consuming more of. Let’s say you love strawberries and you know you should be getting more greens in your diet. Mix up frozen strawberries, a few hands full of spinach, and some orange juice and you end up with a delicious smoothie that’s also good for you.

Tips for Experimenting

If you’re new to smoothies, start with a few recipes. See what you like and what you don’t like. Get a feel for the type of smoothie you enjoy. That will help you gather some important data. You may learn that you enjoy a thick and creamy smoothie that includes yogurt and frozen fruit.

Maybe you find that you don’t like kale in your smoothies because of the texture it gives your green smoothies. And that’s ok. Maybe you’re not a big fan of pineapple. That’s ok too.

Coming up with smoothies you love takes some time to learn what you like and what you don’t like and then starting with existing recipes, replace what you don’t like with similar things you do like.

Not a big fan of kale? Replace it with a different leafy green like spinach or swiss chard. Don’t like pineapple? Use peach or even strawberry instead.

Figure out what you like and then start experimenting. Before long you won’t need a recipe to make your smoothies. You just grab things that you know will go together well and blend them up. You’ll use up veggies and fruits that need using up in your daily smoothie. You’ll branch out and down the line you may find that you actually do like kale, provided you blend it long enough in a powerful blender so you don’t end up with little kale chunks in your smoothie.

Mix and match and don’t be surprised to find that your taste preferences change over time as your body as your taste buds get used to real food and you learn to create smoothies that you love!

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