Why I like the Ninja Master Prep Food Processor

You’ve got to love a small kitchen appliance that can take care of multiple jobs. If you find yourself making smoothies on a daily basis, but also use your food processor quite a bit, this is the appliance for you. That’s particularly true if you use your Ninja Master Prep food processor for smaller jobs like shredding and chopping veggies, making salsas and the likes.

Ninja Master Prep Food Processor

I love this particular food processor / blender because it’s easy to use and does a wide variety of jobs. While it may not be quite as powerful as a Vitamix or the Ninja Professional blender, it does a great job at everything you’ll usually blend.

Great for Food or Smoothies

It’s great for smoothies and soups, or whip up a batch of homemade baby food. And the small food processor option is great for everyday chopping and processing. You can grate some carrots for your salad and then turn around and make a smoothie or slushy.

Masterful Design

The design of this processor is brilliant. I love the non-slip grip and bottom. There’s nothing worse than having a big pitcher of sticky smoothie tip over and pour across the kitchen counter or table. The non-slip options will help prevent that. Speaking of the pitcher, it’s easy to use and pour from.

You can even prep your smoothies, slushies, or margaritas ahead of time, pop one of the included lids on the pitcher and store it in the fridge. It’s hard to beat this handy multi-purpose gadget for the price. It even has it’s own smoothie recipe book!

And Amazon customers love it too! It’s a best seller!

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