3 Easy Steps to Prep Recipes for Smoothies and Fruit Drinks

We want to eat better and fix more nutritious and healthy meals. The problem is, healthy eating takes some time and effort. Instead of grabbing a convenience meal at the store or hitting the drive-through on your way home from work, you have to go buy fresh ingredients, prep them and then cook a healthy meal. If only there was a way to make eating healthy quick and easy.

Thankfully there is… when you’re in a rush or too tired to cook, make a healthy smoothie instead. In this post I’ll show you 3 easy steps to prep recipes for smoothies and fruit drinks.

Easy Prep for Recipes (Smoothies & Fruit Drinks) CrazyAboutSmoothies.com

1. Get a Good Blender

Start with a blender that’s easy to clean. Read through the reviews before you buy (Amazon is great for that), or talk to some friends who use their blenders a lot. Find a model that does what you need it to do and is easy to use.

2. Buy the Ingredients

Next, make sure you have healthy smoothie making ingredients on hand at all times. This includes some fresh produce like greens for example, but a lot of the ingredients work just as well or even better frozen. Most fruit and quite a few veggies can be frozen and go from your freezer straight into your smoothies.

Stock up on some other healthy smoothie ingredients including coconut water, plain yogurt, flax seed meal, chia seeds, etc. to mix things up and add an even bigger nutritional boost. If you want a more filling smoothie, add a scoop of protein powder to the mix. This will keep you full until your next meal and truly turns a smoothie into a meal replacement drink.

3. Be Prepared

The key then is to be prepared. Aside from making sure you have your freezer, fridge, and pantry stocked with your favorite smoothie ingredients, go ahead and prep as much as you can for your smoothies for the week.

That means cleaning, cutting, and measuring out ingredients and storing them in a “ready-to-use” form. For example, you may want to toss all the frozen fruit you need for a smoothie into a 1-quart freezer bag, label it with a sharpie, and have it ready to just pour into your blender along with a cup of yogurt or some fresh greens and water.

Finding appliances and cups that make your smoothies portable – like a blender bottle – and prepping ingredients ahead of time, make smoothie making as easy as ordering your favorite take-out or pouring a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Give it a try and don’t be afraid to take advantage of “convenience produce” like pre-cut fresh or frozen fruit and washed greens. If they get you regularly preparing your favorite recipes for smoothies and fruit drinks and eating healthier, it’s well worth it.

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