Simple Green Smoothies Recipes Book

Once you’ve experimented with smoothies for a while, you might find you’re ready to branch out and be more adventurous. Simple Green Smoothies has over 100 tasty recipes to help you lose weight, gain energy, and feel great in your body.

It’s not enough to just make smoothies part of your diet. You can be just as unhealthy with them if you’re not also watching your carbs and sugar intakes.

I love that Simple Green Smoothies approach is a lifestyle change of one green smoothie a day. They even offer  a 10-day green smoothie kick-start  guide in the book with shopping lists included!

On reviewer said:

Recently got a Vitamix Blender with the intention of making a green smoothie everyday to clean up my diet a bit (have being doing well for over a month). Looked at a bunch of green smoothie books and saw pretty much the same recipes in most of them. What set the Simple Green Smoothies recipes book apart from the rest was its layout and basic smoothie 3-column formulas but, mostly the personal stories of the two authors. Found those pretty motivational. – Zunderzee

You can pick up this book in most bookstores, but be sure to check out the other reviews on Amazon before you buy. They had me convinced! …