Superfood Smoothies Cookbook

Julie Morris is an expert when it comes to cooking with super foods. She’s an LA-based natural foods chef and a big fan and advocate for healthy eating. In this book she’s crated an amazing collection of 100 smoothies that incorporate all our favourite super foods.

SuperFoods & Super Smoothies

The focus on this book of smoothies is on superfoods. Keep that in mind before you buy. If you have no interest in spending some time hunting down special ingredients like cocoa nips, hemp seeds, and acai powder, this probably isn’t for you.

If on the other hand you realize the huge impact these super foods can have on your health and your well-being and you don’t mind ordering online, then this is the book to get. You’ll have fun exploring the 100 smoothie recipes and will quickly find new favorites.

I amazed at this book of awesome recipes. Not only are the smoothie recipes REALLY TASTY, but they are so creative and very thoughtfully concocted to maximize health, flavor, and texture. My favorites that I’ve tried so far are: cranberry orange (using frozen whole cranberries and OJ), acai pumpkin (yum! creative use for canned pumpkin puree), and cacao cream. There are so many more I can’t wait to try!

I first started trying to turn around my health about a year ago by making green smoothies in my blender, mixing frozen blueberries, banana, chia seeds, kale and almond milk every morning for breakfast. I have since upgraded to a vitamix, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to blend my daily smoothie! This book is helping me expand my smoothie repetoire so I can never, ever be bored with my smoothie! – Mary

In addition to providing you with tested and approved recipes of smoothies that work out well and are good for you, you also get a lot of information from the basics of smoothie makings to info on the various super foods and their impact on your health. All in all this is a great book to have in your kitchen. Browse through it for healthy eating inspiration and come back to the delicious recipes in the Superfood Smoothie Cookbook again and again.

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